From Return on Creativity to Return on Investment

Living Innovation

In order to remain durable in a fast moving society, we try to be one step ahead of the times and reinvent ourselves again and again. We anchor courage and flexibility for new things with cost-conscious and responsible entrepreneurship.

In this way, we test emerging technologies in order to be able to evaluate their impact on economic interrelationships within the company. In doing so, we separate the trend-setting from the irrelevant.

Mike's Urban Pub

Modern IT

Always at the Cutting Edge of Technology

With foresight, we established a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure for the entire company at an early stage. This includes, for example, fast Internet via fiber optic network as well as secure server and network access for mobile working with two-stage authentication. Our own Social Intranet facilitates communication and promotes the exchange of knowledge throughout the company.

The technology also enables ergonomic work in the office: each workstation is equipped with two screens and wireless headsets allow movement during telephone calls.

Digital Menu

Mike’s Digital Menu

Nowadays flexibility is a must. But the classic printed menu is exactly the opposite. We have developed a solution for this: Mike’s Digital Menu is an app that allows you to design a digital menu with just a few clicks! The operation is intuitive, no previous knowledge is required.

Via the app, changes to the menu can be made in real time, for example when you offer new products or special offers. The changes are automatically updated on all mobile devices. This saves you additional printing and material costs!

The app can be adapted to your brand design so that it looks like it was programmed especially for you. That makes an impression and stays in your memory!

The app is currently in alpha testing and is expected to be available for Android tablets from January 2020 (iOS will follow).

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Drawing of the Virtual Reality Room

Customized Solutions

Future-Oriented Digitization With Own Applications

The full potential of digitisation will only be exploited if it is tailored to individual requirements. That is why we ourselves, together with partners, develop tailor-made applications to optimize our operations. A particular example of this is our own document management system, which covers exactly those areas and functions that we need in our daily work.

With our digital solutions, we set innovative impulses for more flexibility, but also sustainability. For example, we are introducing digital menus that can be adapted quickly and easily so that guests always receive up-to-date information and recommendations. At the same time, we are taking a further step towards a paperless company.

Hotel Visit Before Opening

Interactive Brand Experiences
Through Virtual Reality

Before a hotel opens, there is a long phase of planning and construction. During this time it used to take a lot of imagination to see the finished hotel. Photorealistic visualizations help to present the overall concept. In addition we work with 3D printing.

But isn’t it even better if the planned hotel is already accessible? What seemed impossible for a long time has become possible thanks to virtual reality technology. We convert our hotel plans into virtual reality so that the planned hotel can be experienced by business partners and guests before the opening and brand loyalty is strengthened.

Representation of Virtual Reality



Drawing of the Virtual Reality Room

Practical, Hygienic and Environmentally Friendly

Mobile Key Solution
in the Future

In the meanwhile, the smartphone has become our daily companion and is used for many purposes, e.g. as an admission ticket or for contactless payment. Together with a partner, we are responding to this technological development and are working on an app integration of mobile keys on the smartphone for our hotels. In the long term, this app will not only enable digital check-in and replace plastic key cards, but can also be expanded to include other functions such as booking additional services.

Holistic Concept

Synergy Effects Through System Gastronomy

In our full-service hotels we use a specially developed, well thought-out system catering concept that can be ideally integrated into the hotel operation. We rely on precisely defined product groups that interlock and create synergy effects in purchasing and in the central control of all F&B processes.

The system gastronomy concept is successfully used in the restaurants of the HANSE HOTEL Attendorn, Hilton Garden Inn Stuttgart NeckarPark, Holiday Inn Express Bremen Airport, ibis Styles Leipzig, ibis Styles Stuttgart and ibis Styles T√ľbingen hotels. In the next two years, three more hotel restaurants of this type will open in Hamburg, Kiel and Bad Reichenhall.

Innovation of the SHGR: System gastronomy with Mike's Urban Pub



Drawing of the Virtual Reality Room

Acting Responsibly in the Hotel and in the Office

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Possibility to donate the room cleaning to the non-profit Friedrich Hospitality Foundation
  • Participation in food waste reduction initiatives such as Too Good To Go
  • Participation in fundraising activities such as wish trees at Christmas
  • Sending the invoice to guests by e-mail (printout only on request)
  • Digital signage instead of printed advertising materials Switch to digital menus through app solutions
  • Free toothbrush mugs at the reception instead of in the room
  • Elimination of plastic garbage bags in the offices
  • Change from plastic key cards to App solutions
  • Daily change of hand and shower towels only on request
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning through the use of biodegradable detergents and cleaning agents
  • Use of modern LED lamps
  • Use of energy efficient machines
  • Digital guest information systems on the TV sets in the room
  • All-in-one water systems for drawing still or sparkling mineral water without the need for plastic bottles or containers
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