Always Well Advised

Our Founder and Advisory Board

A sparring partner at eye level, this is how the function of our advisory board can be described. Through regular exchange with the advisory board, we constantly put processes and projects to the test. In this way, we prevent both operational blindness and the risk of wrong decisions. We act more reflectively.

The entrepreneurial advice from outside also provides new impulses: Our advisory board is characterized by valuable experience and expertise, which means that different perspectives are taken into account. This contributes to our approach of using tradition as a success factor for innovation.

Learn more about the members of our advisory board here.

Photo of the founders and the advisory board of the Success Hotel Group
Manfred Friedrich - Founder of the Success Hotel Group


Manfred Friedrich

No one knows the company better than he does: Manfred Friedrich is the founder of the Success Hotel Group. He has handed over the management to his son, Michael Friedrich. However, he remains a formative advisor for the development of the company. Through his function on the advisory board we continue to benefit from his immense wealth of experience and extensive network.

We appreciate not only his know-how, but also his personal contact to the employees.

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Prof. Georg Fundel

For more than 20 years, Prof. Georg Fundel has guided Stuttgart Airport through all entrepreneurial challenges as Managing Director. In the process, he succeeded in bringing the airport out of the red and turning it into one of the most successful airports in Germany.

With this invaluable knowledge, he now keeps us on course as Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Prof. Dr. Georg Fundel - Chairman of the Advisory Board
Hans-Peter Graether - Member of the Advisory Board

Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board

Hans-Peter Graether

In addition to various specialist and management tasks in Germany and abroad, Hans-Peter Graether was responsible for purchasing in the consumer division of Robert Bosch GmbH for many years. In addition, as spokesman of the executive staff, he was a member of the supervisory board of the internationally leading technology and services group. Today he continues to advise Chinese companies as a senior consultant.

This makes him the ideal advisor for our constantly expanding company.

Member of the Advisory Board

Rudolf Bezler

Rudolf Bezler is a lawyer and notary. With this double qualification, he led the law and notary firm Menold Bezler as Managing Partner for a decade. His areas of expertise include corporate restructuring and succession planning.

This makes him an important consultant for our family business in its second generation.

Rudolf Bezler - Member of the Advisory Board
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